Some Research

A research was conducted on few employees. They were taken to a dark room and made to listen negative & discouraging words for 15 minutes – energies reduced, moral fell, sadness prevailed, performance went down…

The same group was taken to another bright room and made to listen positive & encouraging words-   energies increased, morale boosted, joy prevailed and performance improved…

Words have immense power to make your head & heart slog which can create phenomenal stories. Excellent words by great human beings who blessed this planet earth once, have always inspired greatness in millions of hearts.

Muskurado Makes a Difference

It is an attempt to fuel ambitions with crafted words; presents unique combination of ‘power of words + beauty of art’ with images that inspire excellence so that you are at your best.



Sometimes all it takes are a few good words to get you moving; products will:

  1. –      bring smile on your face all the time you look at these things
  2. –      infuse new faith & bring energy to people who see or read
  3. –      give new life to your office & home looks (and looks matter, really)

 In nutshell we are committed to create things which help you reaching your highest potential and make happy always. 

Oh, who are we?

We are a team of enthusiasts who are in love with life. A team of people who are fascinated with the words like growth, potential, dreams, team, ambitions, commitment, help, feelings, care and are immersed in understanding the meanings of these words (beyond dictionary). We at are looking forward to amplify your motivation, energy, growth & of course smiles… Love to make you smile, always! Team

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