Why Rewards and Recognition Programs Fail?

Top 2 Reasons for Failure of Rewards & Recognition Programs

As a rewards and recognition expert I consult lots of HR people and heads of organizations. They have good budget, a foolproof plan and big dreams for not only crafting but also executing a world class Rewards & Recognition Program in their organization. 

Yet, the blatant truth is – it fails in most of the cases. Here are two common killers of all the Rewards & Recognition Programs:
    1) The king of all killers for Rewards & Recognition Program is complexity. Organizations go on to announce too many, too long and too complicated programs which are difficult to announce, way more difficult to explain and hence impossible to follow. People end up missing very silly and simple things and hence don’t even qualify or just miss winning by small things. Even the competent people and teams end up feeling like losers which is clearly against the objective of the program.

  2) The queen of killers for Rewards & Recognition Program is delay to the fruit. Many people and teams qualify & win something exciting way ahead of the timeline yet the recognition is brought to them many months later in the next big event of the organization. By this time many of the people in teams may change and even if the people are there – they would have forgotten the excitement of the achievement. Bigger loss is – had the team been rewarded immediately, they would have ignited the spark in many more people/teams to do the same. Thus, building momentum, producing more winners, pushing the organization’s top line as well as adding to the culture of excellence.   

Make your Rewards & Recognition Programs simple and fast. Let people get wowed by your speed of bringing fruit of their karma. Let they not only feel like achievers and proud of their achievements but also inspires others to build a tribe of achievers.
Ultimately, the goal of any Rewards & Recognition Program is to build a tribe of achievers and reach excellence. Let’s get started with whatever we can do to bring the best from the people & do the due.

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