Rewards & Recognition Is Powerful But Underutilized!

It was mid June 2017. I was District 41 Director at Toastmasters International. My term was about to get over in few days and my District was leading the Dashboard as #1 District. It was among more than 100 Districts across 143 countries with a significant margin.
We had reached at this leading position on the dashboard because of three main inputs:
1) A compelling Vision by the leader i.e. myself in this case
2) An amazing and unstoppable team
3) A culture of Rewards & Recognition

Let me give you a real life example on how Rewards & recognition helped me as a leader.


In the mid June, I contacted one of my 28 Area Directors and asked, “How can I help you in making the Area Distinguished or better.” He said, “One of my clubs needs six more members to become Distinguished and if done this would lead my Area to Distinguished.”

I agreed to visit the club officers with the Area Director. We got an appointment and reached. We sat in the meeting and I allowed the host to speak about the challenges. He shared reasons on why it was not possible to get new members at that time. I paid attention as if it was my first date with my fiancee, listening to all his concerns and reasons of why it can’t be done. When the President was done. I thanked him for opening his heart out and giving a clear picture of the club’s health as well as the situation on ground.

Then, I took  my Toastmasters lapel pin off my coat and handed him saying, “My friend, you have been a great leader of the club. You have done so much so far. We may have many reasons for not being able to become Distinguished but only one to do it – I WANT YOUR CLUB MEMBERS & DISTRICT 41 TO BE PROUD OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENT. This lapel pin is an advance reward for your achievement of making the club Distinguished. I know you can do it; wear the lapel pin when it’s done.”


I expected them to make it a Distinguished Club by adding 6 more members (which they lacked) within a week.


The Club President surprised me when he called me within 3 days with the good news. I could sense the sense of excitement when he said, “Sir, I have a good news, we are now 20 members and the club is Distinguished and I am delighted to wear the lapel pin, thank you.”

Rewards & Recognition is a powerful resource which is undervalued and underutilized. Organizations that become the best in their fields understand and treat this at prime priority.

This is the very realization which motivated me to start Muskurado Pvt Ltd – A Rewards & Recognition Company!